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There are two ways to enter:

1. Enter and win your state level Miss Globe US Pageant. Winners of state pageants will receive their entry fee paid to nationals. Runners up at state pageants are elidgible to receive appointed titles and compete at nationals.

2. If there is not a pageant in your state, or if you place as runner up at your state pageant you may register for an appointed title. This gives you all of the benefits of a state titlehoder without having to enter and win a state competition. Appointed titleholders are responsible for covering or finding sponsors to cover their fees.

Check our state directory to find out if there is a state pageant where you live.

If there is a state pageant in your state, you will be directed to a page where you can find your state Director's contact information to register for your state pageant.

If there is not a state pageant in your state you will be directed to the appointed titles page where you can register and place your deposit to represent your state at nationals. Appointed titles are first come, first serve, so don't delay in placing your deposit if you want an appointed title.


What are the requirements for the national pageant?


Age as of July 1, 2017. All candidates must be US citizens.

     •     Miss Division (Age 17-25)  Atleast 5'6" in height. Must be single.

     •     Ms/Petite Division (Age 18 & up) May be single or married, any height.

     •     Teen Division (Age 14-16) 

     •     PreTeen Division (Age 10-13) 

     •     Little Miss Division (Age 6-9)


Is there an application fee?


No, we do not charge an application fee.


Is there an entry fee?


The national entry fee is $575 for the Miss, Teen and Petite/Ms divisions, which includes hotel. The national entry fee is $350 for the divisions of PreTeen (age 10-13) and Little (age 6-9). State contest entry fees are much less, where the winner receives a paid national entry.


What other fees are required?


Payment plans are available and sponsorships are encouraged.  

     •     $300 program book ad page 


What are the ad page requirements?


Each contestant is required to sell one full page program book advertisement page ("ad page"). The program books are commemorative pieces for contestants, and also keep the audience informed of events, names, titles of the contestants and outgoing queens. They are also valuable advertisement space for businesses as they are viewed and retained by hundreds of patrons for years and years. Full page advertisements are $300 per page, and contestants may purchase as many as they wish, however they are required to purchase at least one. We encourage our contestants to sell this valuable ad space to businesses in their communities looking to gain exposure in the world of pageantry, or businesses who would just like to help out a local, successful, driven woman looking to better herself and help others through competing for Miss Globe US. Specific instructions on selling and paying for ad pages will be sent to registered contestants.


What do I win at the national level?


Miss Globe US, Miss Teen Globe US and Ms/Miss Petite Globe US will receive the opportunity of a lifetime to represent the United States at Miss Globe International, one of the top 10 international pageants. Winners will be trained, outfitted, groomed and prepared extensively during the months prior to Miss Globe International.  New prizes are being added all the time. Visit the prize page for all details.


Will the pageant be televised?


Yes! Miss Globe US and preliminary shows will be live webcast across the world and will be filmed and edited for re-broadcast. If your network is interested in a partnership, please contact us. Miss Globe International is televised in over 60 countries around the world.


How is Miss Globe US judged?


Judging criteria includes character, poise, confidence, and personality, in interview, evening gown, interview and fun fashion or swimsuit.


Is there a talent portion of the competition?


No, there is no performing talent required, however there is an optional talent competition. Optional competitions are not counted in overall scoring.


Is there a swimwear portion of the competition?


The Miss and Ms/Petite divisions include swimwear. All other divisions include fun fashion, in the place of swimsuit.


Are you only looking for perfect pageant girls?


No, we’re looking for outgoing, intelligent, confident, attractive young women excited to represent their states and ultimately, the United States. Many pageant contestants have won on their first time!

Are there any height or weight requirements to compete in the pageant?


For the Miss (age 17-25) division only you must be atleast 5'6". If you are not 5'6" you may enter the Ms/Petite division. Judges are looking for body proportion, personality, and modeling/walking ability, not a specific body measurement.

Is my hotel included?

Hotel is included for the Miss, Teen and Ms/Petitie divisions. Contestants will be matched with a roommate. Other divisions and friends and family will receive a discounted rate at our official hotel.

How can my friends and family get tickets?

Tickets will go on sale August 1, 2017 at

Is hair and make up provided?

Hair and make up services will be available for finals and some preliminary events at little or no charge. It is suggested that you know how to do your own hair and make up for rehearsals and other events.


What is Sponsorship?


Sponsorship is optional, yet highly recommended if you are seeking assistance in funding your pageant fees. All official delegates are provided a sponsorship letter to solicit corporate or individual sponsors. You should start with a list of potential sponsors such as friends and family members and their employers, etc. Plan your strategy, and make a plan to succeed! Visit potential sponsors IN PERSON, explain your goals, and your desire to improve yourself by participating in Miss Globe US. Let them know what your experience will entail. This will be extremely beneficial in developing your communication skills which is an essential characteristic to have if you’re going to be the next Miss Globe US.

Who can be a sponsor?


Anyone! Any business or individual can be a sponsor. You can have as few or as many sponsors as you wish. Our goal is for contestants to collect all of their entry fees and other expenses through sponsorship if needed. This is a tax-deductible advertising and marketing expense for those businesses that assist you with monetary donations. If obtained by August 1, you may advertise your businesses on your full page ad. If you work hard on collecting sponsorship, it is possible that you will not incur any expenses out-of-pocket at all. In addition, hard working contestants can receive material item sponsorships, such as a dress, tanning, a free haircut, etc.


What if I raise more sponsorship money than the required entry fee?


If you raise more money than required for your entry fee, you may use the extra funds to cover any additional expenses associated with the pageant for example, hotel, pageant wardrobe, etc. All sponsorship monies should be paid by the sponsor(s) directly to the contestant.

If I do not wish to obtain sponsors can I just pay the entry?

Yes! A payment plan is available.


Official Preliminary to Miss Globe International

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